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The Cathedral of Panagia Theodorovski is prominently located in St. Petersburg Russia and was recently fully renovated.


Part of the restoration works was the burnished water-gilding of wood-carved sections and artworks of the church; a project assigned to ARTIS.


The project lasted for 18 months and included the burnished water-gilding of the Tsarist throne, three icon-stands and of the Calvary.


In order to breathe a feeling of oldness in the items, it was considered necessary to apply patina on the gilded surfaces, making them consistent with their historical and cultural value.


The craftsmen of ARTIS placed a great deal of emphasis on detail, something that was evident in the excellent output of gold as well as in the theological and artistic promotion of the gilded artworks of the church, which created an undeniable sense of grandeur and admiration.

Burnished Water-gilding of Wood-carved Artworks

C. Church of Panagia Feodorovskaya | St.Petersburg | Ρωσία

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