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Portable icon of Saint Stephanos

H.C. of Saint Spyridon |Corfu

The icon of Saint Stephen is located in the Cathedral Church of Saint Spyridon on Corfu and is dated to the 17th century. 

The extent of the damages that the conservation team had to face was large. The icon displayed serious losses both on the wooden panel and the primer (backing support). Having suffered from both wood-eating insects and the environmental conditions in which it was preserved, the icon had undergone severe stresses and a gradual reduction in its technical endurance. 

​During the conservation treatments, the painted surface was dry cleaned, removing settlements of soot and pollutants, while at the same time all interventions subsequent to the original creation were removed from both the wooden panel and the painted surface. 

​The wooden panel and primer (backing support) were both strengthened and technically reinforced, since cracking was observed and there were missing pieces. After followed the aesthetic restoration, which was conducted with respect to the principles of reversibility of materials and compatibility with the techniques appropriate to an icon, always in line with the quality of the painted work itself. 

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