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Iconography and burnished water-gilding of devotional images are diachronic arts that obey strict rules in relation to the materials of construction and the techniques of hagiography and gold-plating, which have been in effect for centuries. 

Craftsmanship, emphasis in detail and the selection of the most suitable materials, are required for the abillity to produce of spotless masterpieces. A great variety of gilding and decorative pattern creation techniques has been recorded in the iconographic tradition of Greece and abroad. This diversity imparts to the icons exceptional beauty and impressive decorations.

ARTIS, systematically studying the history of art and techniques of icons, managed to decipher all the secrets of the craftsmen that for centuries created these masterpieces. 

Thus, nowadays ARTIS is able to offer an extensive variety of choices (burnished water-gilding on flat surfaces, beaten, with relief halos, insertion of gemstones, pearls and semi-precious stones). In any case, the efforts of the company’s craftsmen, always aim to achieve impeccable results that will uniquely highlight the spirituality of the icon and add the special weight of an artwork. 

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