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Portable icons constitute the greatest surviving selection of artworks produced within the artistic tradition that developed in historically Orthodox countries. The use of natural organic materials as structural elements for the creation of the icons, along with the involvement of multiple heterogeneous cognitive domains, such as chemistry, physics, theology, sociology, art history and visual arts, that are essential for the proper identification, the recognition, the information gaining and problem solving, classify them as a particularly complex kind of artwork conservation. 

A portable icon, taxed by time, carrying dirt deposits, material oxidations, disastrous interventions, etc., requires delicate manipulations, specialized knowledge and equipment, as well as highly trained personnel. ARTIS is equipped with the appropriate scientific, technical and artistic staff for the continued safe and responsible conservation and guaranteed preservation of these valuable historical, cultural and spiritual works. 

Their aesthetical restoration with reverent precision, absolute respect and adherence to the old techniques of the prototype, is entrusted to the specialized personnel, which is made up of expert hagiographers-conservators who have years of artistic and scientific training in the field. 

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