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Gilding of wood-carved works of art (ecclesiastical artifacts and decoration elements, iconostasis, icon-stands, furniture, etc.) is a process that requires special expertise, craftsmanship and most of all arduous and time consuming work in order to achieve the optimum result. 

A multistage procedure consisting of the treatment and preparation of the wood-carved surface, applying the most appropriate techniques and materials. 

The implementation of each process phase should be conducted flawlessly and with utmost care, since it is equally important to the successful performance of the final step of burnishing the gilded areas.

The temperature of the materials, the space’s relevant humidity and the purity of the raw materials are taken seriously under consideration, as they are key factors to the success of the outcome. In the final phase of each project the meticulous burnishing of the gilded surface is the secret that guarantees a result of impeccable aesthetics and excellent durability. 

Nowadays, gilded iconostasis and icon-stands crafted by ARTIS constitute a reference point in the contemporary ecclesiastical art and can be seen in the most important historical and spiritual sites of Orthodoxy in Greece and abroad. 

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