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ARTIS PREMIUM REPLICAS constitute the new ARTIS line of products. Exact copies of old portable icons and paintings as well as original creations of ARTIS Gilding & Restoring are all made to the highest standards and absolute proximity to the authentic works of art. 

For the reproduction of ARTIS Premium Replicas, we use traditional and natural materials, such as linden wood and organic glue, as well as gesso for surface preparation. Such materials are used for the creation of painted portable icons and give to the colors additional durability over time.

In the context of high-quality production and with a view to the reproduction of distinct and differentiated works, simple or even-gilded gold plating can be applied by the use of 22 or 24-carat gold leaves respectively. 

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that each Replica is delivered, upon selection, in a variety of specialty packaging including cardboard, leather, and wood. 

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