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Easel paintings constitute a whole different category, having a particular pathology, depending on the artist’s technique, the era’s style and the preservation conditions. Consequently, the extent of the necessary interventions might vary as well. Regardless of the size and the pathology of the easel paintings, ARTIS is fully able to identify and implement all the required methods and techniques for their comprehensive conservation.

Canvas painting is an art based on the lightness of materials, but also on the large scale of works. The free fabric painting surface is vulnerable to climate change, mechanical stress and the effect of microclimate. 

In combination with the years and the deposition of dull materials, oxidations, as well as contractions of the organic fiber-based carrier, the maintenance of the embossed paintings is particularly painful. 

Regardless of the size of the works, the construction period and the type of damage, ARTIS has trained scientific and technical stuff, the latest digital diagnostic equipment, as well as the ap- propriate spaces and know-how for the successful and complete restoration of each painting project . 

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