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The technique of polished gilding dates to ancient times, reaching its height during the Byzantine period. Byzantine Art produced numerous significant polished works and continues to the present day. 

The sanctuary of the Holy Monastery Simonos Petras on Mt. Athos is a characteristic example of polished gilding of an ecclesiastical sculpted surface.

The sanctuary is 33 square meters, the surface of which was covered in gold leaf of 24K and, in places, with color. The application of the gold, its brilliance and the harmonious performance of the color decoration on the iconostasis was a careful process based on our years of experience in the area of polished gilding. After the completion of the sanctuary’s gilding, the church’s two icon stands, as well as the Episcopal Throne, also underwent polished gilding. 


Burnished Water-gilding of wood-carved iconostasis

H.M. of Simonos Petras | Mount Athos

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